Tips to Making the Best Out of iCloud

iCloud is a service which was launched by Apple in the year 2011. The company launched this service to help users to store their data on an online remote server. When the apple devices get lost, the users can access their data for free in the iCloud. The company usually offers their clients 5GB per ID. This means that not matter how many apple devices you have, you get only 5GB storage space. If a user wants more space, then you have to purchase additional space from Apple. Apple charges $20 for 10GB, $40 for 20GB for 20GB and $100 for 50GB. Be sure to look into to find out more about the iCloud. Note that the prices are charged per year. Here are some tips on how to manage your iCloud:

First you should always keep checking the amount of storage left. To do so you can go into settings then iCloud, storage and backup and then manage. Keep in mind this applies to only Apple devices. The amount of space available will be displayed at the bottom of the manage storage screen. The screen is quite helpful because it shows you how much space each of your file is using.

Another way to managing your iCloud space is to clean out your backups regularly. Our homepage is a great place to learn about how backups are very important to save information. Having many backups saved up does not help in any way. Only the most recent is required incase anything happens to your Apple device. Other documents that you could also delete from the iCloud space are images and videos that you don't really need to store online. Such files could be saved on a computer or in an external folder.

An application that could quickly fill up the storage space is the iCloud mail. Emails which have large attachments should be read and then deleted or stored elsewhere. You can delete the emails if you have the application setup on your device directly. If you don't have the application on your device, then you can visit the iCloud website and delete the emails via the browser. Always remember to delete the deleted emails from the trash. Through, you are able to learn about the benefits that many people have with iCloud. Disabling the iCloud Photo stream feature is also another way that you could save up a lot of space.

You could also use alternative services to store your data in case the space on iCloud is running low. Other alternatives include Amazon cloud, Google+, Microsoft One Drive and Yahoo's Flickr app. Some of these services offer more storage than iCloud. Take your time and research more about these services.